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Would You Support Targeting Iranian Cultural Sites?
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  • Michael.J.L
    Voted Oppose

    To target cultural sites is not only barbaric but criminal as well, in violation of International Law. The Iranian (also known as Persian) peoples and regional cultural heritage goes back thousands of years. Cultural heritage and sites aren’t solely related to religion as some misguided people want to believe. It seems Trump misses his old TV reality show, and is now vying for a new one..”Terrorist Apprentice “. If Trump is permitted by the weak-kneed, spineless Republicans to continue along this path, terrorist recruitment will be at a all-time high, as will the attacks. I believe Trump wants a war with Iran to secure him another term, if war comes it will backfire on him and the GOP for allowing it to happen...and it should. Trump is alienating us from the rest of the free world. Heaven help us if we need help.......payback is a bitch. Maybe they will at least offer thoughts and prayers as a comfort.

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