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Would You Support Targeting Iranian Cultural Sites?
by Causes
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  • Dave
    Voted Oppose

    That would be like targeting the Smithsonian Institute, public centers, infrastructure, dams, water supplying, electrical grids, artifacts, etc. when are Americans going to figure out, Trump does not care about them either, nor does Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell? Trump has committed crimes against humanity already, this falls under war crimes for America! For what he Accused all the other presidents of wanting to do to win an election, he is blatantly doing and yes, murder. Granted the Iran second in command was bad, but taking out a head of state is against ours and international law, for a reason, the void filled can be worse, ISIS. Also we are lowing ourselves to their standards! The question is who the Terrorist? We have our own Terrorists in America the right to life, neo Nazi, white supremacy, KKK, racist bigot and the man in the White House! As an American, He represents you and your morals, Unfortunately!

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