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Would You Support Targeting Iranian Cultural Sites?
by Causes
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  • Paul
    Voted Oppose

    NO I don’t support bombing Iranian cultural sites! That would be Violation of a 1954 Hague Treaty that America is a signatory of, which makes it a War Crime! Congressman Baird you have voted 3 times to allow Trump to violate the Constitution! Senators Young and Braun you both have voted 2 times to allow trump to violate the Constitution and you both have said you will vote to acquit trump in his Impeachment trial! Your actions show me that you are in Violation of your Constitutional Oaths of Office! If you allow Trump to bomb cultural sites you will prove that you don’t stand for the RULE OF LAW! For these actions I demand that you RESIGN!! No one is above the law not the President and not You 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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