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Would You Support Targeting Iranian Cultural Sites?
by Causes
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  • Tom
    Voted Oppose

    This Iranian thing is either so new or its completely BS! What this issue does is clarify THE SAME MO of the Military Industrial complex that it has used to overturn and control foreign governments usually over natural resources or drugs, the US LOVES TO “control” the drug trafe and other countries using the Hegalian Dialectic! It creates an enemy and appears as the savior while it destroys foreign relations and plummets tax payers into more debt than we already have. Also consider IRAN is one of three nations whose monetary system is not controlled by the Rothschild cartel! All the worlds a stage and the US is the whiney baby that forces itself to be the star and will stop at nothing to mislead Americans into believing not only that they are patriotic but that somehow people that believe like me are not! Kill your own kids don’t kill mine, THEY ARE NOT PAWNS IN YOUR BULLSHIT WARS!


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