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White House Informs Congress of Soleimani Strike, Trump Warns U.S. Will Hit Iran if Attacked
by Axios
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  • Karen
    Voted Yes

    Absolutely!!!!!!!! This phony Illegitimate Squatter President is only making new headlines to take the focus off of his Impeachment - no other reason. He had to do something big that will take time and resources off of Impeachment to clean up the mess he’s now started with Iran that’s going to last long past his Removal from Office- God willing and the GOP Idiots who are racked with fear by this cowardly bully can figure out that if they put on their “Big Boy Pants” and do the job their Constituents THOUGHT they elected them to do, they won’t have to worry about Trump Tweeting nasty things about them because HE’LL BE GONE!!!! ONCE HE IS TRIED AND CONVICTED IN THE SENATE BY 67 SENATORS HE IS GONE- IMPEACHED - IMMEDIATELY - DO NOT PASS GO - DO NOT COLLECT YOUR BELONGINGS AT THE WHITE HOUSE, THEY WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOU AT MAR-A-LAGO (or the SDNY holding cell awaiting pending charges (one can only pray to Our Heavenly Father and hope he doesn’t slip away to some country that doesn’t extradite white collar criminals of the highest rank)) His Twitter Account is shut down - immediately - because he’s not President anymore- Pence is. Adios MF. Don’t let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out!! My biggest fear is that he’ll run to Israel, on his private jet, now that Netanyahu has been re-elected by the tiniest of margins, to avoid prosecution, and resign from Israel leaving us in this Iran mess. That’s what Phony Illegitimate Squatter Presidents do. Cowardly sh*t b/c he’s such a pussy, he can’t even fire a person face-to-face. He does it via Tweet. Pathetic. Mark my words - Corrupt Conaway, Cruz & Cornyn - Your gonna be left holding the bag of sh*t he’s created and you bought into - lock, stock & barrel. We’ll be watching.

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