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White House Informs Congress of Soleimani Strike, Trump Warns U.S. Will Hit Iran if Attacked
by Axios
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  • Jeff
    Voted Yes

    Sent this to my senators: I need you to start the process of removing trump from office on grounds that he is mentally unfit to serve as commander in chief. Literally every action he has taken is proof, but our impending receipt of tactical weapons from Iran and our expulsion from Iraq are the most recent blatant repercussions of allowing a mad man the privilege of controlling a loaded gun. No nation will trust or follow the US ever again. Let’s stop this right the fuck now. Before even YOU have no power over your life, country, or death. Provoking a bear is certain to bring about impending doom. I’m begging you to save us all, and I’m having to do that because you’ve proven when you have a moral choice, you’ll choose money over morality. The money in this case is our lives. You get to keep living if you expel trump from the whitehouse. Maybe. Trump may already have started world war three. We all may be dead soon enough. The apology tour our children will make, if they survive 2020, will be one the likes of which this world has never seen.

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