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Sanders, Ro Khanna Push to Block Funds for Military Force Against Iran After Soleimani’s Killing
by Axios
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  • Mary
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    jimK ..... what was Obamas biggest accomplishment? Oh ... I remember! Billions and billions of dollars, some on pallets in the middle of the night, with that treasonist deal he made with Iran!!! Money that was funneled to terrorist organizations. I'm disgusted with people that defend the terrorist instead of our own country. With politicians calling it war crimes and saying the president is getting us in a war. Are you all insane? We've been in a shadow war with Iran for 40 years. They have attacked us over and over, and you blame us or this president? They recently killed another American citizen and have attack our embassy! That is an act of war in itself. AGAINST THEM!!! What is WRONG with you people? You want a looser country, a patsy, a country that appeases. President Trump took out a terrorist leader. A convoy was targeted and there was no loss of American life. Yet the media and dumbacrats put this terrorist on the same level as DeGull (sp)? Or as revered? He is a terrorist, a murderer! He's killed hundreds of Americans and maimed thousands more. He's killed thousands more in the Middle East, around the world and innocence in his own country. And you want to condemn Trump? We all came together as a country for the capture of Bin Ladden inspite of not liking President Obama. But your so hateful against Trump you would throw your own country under the bus and side with the enemy. Your disgusting! It is Not President Trump who is dangerous ... it is people LIKE YOU who are so ignorant of who is really deceiving YOU!!! It is treasonist power grabbing elite politicians. And a media who don't give a Witt about doing REAL investigative reporting because they're ecstatic about being groped by the treasonist elite dumbacrate politicians. Today Iran announced that they will retaliate against this act of war the United States has caused. Really??? Was that before or after the attack on our embassy? They're always retaliating against us for protecting ourselves. So what do our special representatives in our congress have to say today? Well Omar appears to be upset that as she said, "it was wrong for President Trump to take down the leader of another country". Her buddy might have been a leader of they're country, but in the eyes of the international community he was declared a terrorist issued by, guess who? ... President Obama! And then there is AOC who has the ability to flap her mouth off with mindless BS but has no clue as to what's happen in the past 40 years with Iran or anything else for that matter. I can't wait to hear what the rest of the brainless so called squad has to say against our president/country and FOR the enemy. We'll have a hard time understanding what Teleib is saying between all the expletive bleeps from the fowl mouth congresswoman. The day is still young. President Trump has consistently said that he's not looking for war but for Iran to become a country that can live peacefully and productively with rest of the world. If we go to war with Iran it is because of Iran. Dumbacrats in congress says Trump is suppose to tell them first. NO!!! ... HE DOESN'T!!! He did what he is suppose to do which was to tell them within 48 hours after. If Americans have been attacked and are threatened then he has the right to take action without going to them first! It's been done before with other presidents and should be able to be done again! Period!!! Can you imagine telling Adam Shiff head? It would have been leaked out in another parody blowing the mission. In the mean time more Americans and assets would be attacked. And if YOU twisted people don't stand up for this country and behind our president against terrorism, then your just as sick and dangerous as the terrorist and the treasonist dumbacrates you follow!!!

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