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39 Republican Senators Sign Brief Asking Supreme Court to Revisit Roe v. Wade - Would You Also Sign?
by Axios
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  • Dawn
    Voted No

    I will believe that anti abortion laws are about children and NOT about controlling women and their bodies when there are no more adoptable children in foster care, when no child goes to bed hungry, when healthcare is subsidized so that everyone can afford it, when the education of poor children is equal to the education of wealthy children, when black women do not die in childbirth at exponentially higher rates than white women, when men are held financially accountable for the children they father from the moment of conception, when the punishment for rape exceeds the punishment for getting the abortion necessitated by that rape, and when daycare is subsidized so that every mother in the country can afford quality child care. Until ALL of these things happen, we MUST KEEP ABORTION LEGAL.

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