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Sanders, Ro Khanna Push to Block Funds for Military Force Against Iran After Soleimani’s Killing
by Axios
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  • jimK
    Voted Oppose

    I believe that we have the right to use lethal force to defend our people and our institutions from attack. I do not believe that overt offensive actions against the country of Iran are at all appropriate without Congressional oversight (that is, official oversight and not a discussion with Lindsay Graham). It has been way too easy for trump to attack enemies of all sorts, real or perceived, in unpredictable and often irrational ways. Oversight and checks on his actions have been clearly needed since the days of his first irrational hate-filled raging character assignations of anyone who dared to not agree with his delusional proclamations or his unchecked usurping of Constitutionally defined Congressional authorities. The risk of a prolonged war with Iran which is concurrently engaged in joint force exercises in alliances with both Russia and China, is far too great to be left unchecked. If there is any rationality left in any of the trumpublican party, they will concur for the safety and long term benefit of our country. Because of trump’s desire to eliminate any of Obama’s accomplishments, we may find ourselves having to engage in a war with Iran in the near future; we need to be absolutely sure that all possibilities are fully considered in the Congress and that we are not forced into a war due to the spontaneity of trump’s trade-mark reactionary responses for vengeance.

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