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The U.S. Takes a War Footing Against Iran After Soleimani Strike - Do You Support the Strike?
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  • Jan
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    While Soleimani was a dangerous leader with a lot of blood on his hands, I think this attack was foolhardy. Pulling out of the International Nuclear agreement with Iran was also a huge mistake. Trump may say he doesn't want war with Iran but, these two actions are highly provocative to the Iranian government! If the Bush and Obama administrations declined to take out Soleimani due to the consequences, what makes this administration think they were smarter than the two previous? I hope the administration is prepared for the cyber and military attacks that are certain to come but I seriously doubt they thought that far ahead. I am also highly disturbed by the lack of respect for and communication with Congressional Leaders and the Iraqi government !!! This action puts any relationship we have left with the Iraqi government at serious risk. THAT is very dangerous for the entire Middle East and our own National Security. I have listened to a variety of former U.S. intelligence, military, diplomatic and foreign relations leaders speak on this action and NONE of them thought this was a wise strategic move. That concerns me deeply. This administration seemingly has placed no value on diplomacy by gutting the State Dept. That is VERY dangerous for our National Security. There is no substitute for diplomacy!!! Trump has just made the world a much more dangerous place for the U.S. and out allies.

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