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39 Republican Senators Sign Brief Asking Supreme Court to Revisit Roe v. Wade - Would You Also Sign?
by Axios
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  • Bwana
    Voted Yes

    Let's extrapolate the logic. Q1) Is the entity growing in the womb alive or dead (it certainly isn't inert or another internal organ of one cell type)? A1) Alive. Q2) Is the taxonomic category human? A2) Of course - easily proved by testing DNA. Q3) Is it ever OK to kill a living human entity? A3) Pro-aborts would say yes. Especially if the entity is unwanted and would be costly to society. But we don't KNOW if the entity is unwanted or would be costly to society - the baby hasn't been born. So, why don't we let the child be born and see if anyone will adopt it? Why not wait to see if it will be costly to raise? Why not see if society gets a good return on its investment - and if not - we kill the human at 18 years old? There is no difference morally or philosophically WHEN we kill it. Why not wait and see?


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