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39 Republican Senators Sign Brief Asking Supreme Court to Revisit Roe v. Wade - Would You Also Sign?
by Axios
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  • Barbara
    Voted No

    Are you insane? Thisis 2020. Women have every right to control their bodies. Anyone signing this is a hypocrite as long as we have babies and any children in dog cages laying on the dirty floor, having no adult care are NOT PRO LIFE. HOW DARE YOU? These innocent children are not criminals, nor are their mothers. They are refugees seeking safety and a home and your evil moron puts them in cages???? Hitler at least had beds. You are so wrong. Lets care for the children already here. You are blind. Force women to be pregnant because you say so? Yet you care nothing for kids already here . Trump is taking free lunches from poor American kids , but gives Israel billions every year? You are not God followers, you are blind cowardly sheep. I pity you.

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