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The U.S. Takes a War Footing Against Iran After Soleimani Strike - Do You Support the Strike?
by Axios
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  • Susan
    Voted Oppose

    It’s not about supporting or opposing the death of Soleimani. Soleimani was a horrible person, beyond a shadow of a doubt. We really don’t know why this moment, why the President felt he could, yet again, bypass you in our Congress completely, and how in the world we can remedy the situation without more retribution in all its various forms. It doesn’t take more than a look at history throughout the ages to know that the Middle East, while steeped in rich culture, is ALWAYS fighting some kind of battle. And FYI, if you could give up on your personal dependence on oil contributions, we can actually make every gasoline product with algae and reduce our nation’s dependence on the Middle East. Think on that, it would be a good thing and our own oil would be enough for our other needs.

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