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39 Republican Senators Sign Brief Asking Supreme Court to Revisit Roe v. Wade - Would You Also Sign?
by Axios
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  • Aaron

    This is been the Republican play all along. Overturn Roe V Wade so you fuckers can control more women into suppression, and take away more rights. It’s not that you actually don’t believe in abortion, it’s that you want to get reelected. Your big-money donors don’t want abortion For the middle/lower class because that pumps into their workforce and the birth to prison pipeline; even though they have had abortions with their mistresses, and most of you GOP senators and congressmen have been caught going on about being anti-abortion while having abortions for your mistresses. None of you are pro life, you are probirth in order to control a population, and to invigorate you’re now racist as fuck Christian base, you don’t care about women, or women’s rights. You care about the money being pumped into your campaigns, so you can keep your power. You don’t care about going down on the wrong side of history, you don’t care about being vilified. However you will, and American history will put you all down as the villains who helped wrecked America. Take this from a Jew, we know a thing or two about being on certain sides of history.

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