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39 Republican Senators Sign Brief Asking Supreme Court to Revisit Roe v. Wade - Would You Also Sign?
by Axios
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  • jimK
    Voted No

    We got to fix the Senate! Remember what these Republican senators have tried to do on Election Day. We have a lot of housecleaning to do. Hopefully, enough legal challenges, such as why now- can delay this until after the elections. At this point, because of trumpublican repeated nonsense- I am going to vote straight Blue, something I have never done in the past. Their effort is an attempt to lock down voters by religious beliefs. So much for the separation of church and state. I would ask them to provide documentation that no one in their extended families ever had an abortion- to prove that they are not just once again gaming the electorate. I would advise those that would support this to look carefully at how badly the trumpublicans have lock-step marched forward in enriching their wealthy benefactors, rolling back 80 plus environmental controls so industries don’t have to incur the expenses of compliance, and our air, water, land and natural parklands can become more polluted. If trumpublicans stay in office, all of this will get much worse. That is the future they will be leaving us and our children; they have to be excised from our government if we want to have any future for our children and grandchildren. That is, if we all don’t get blown to hell with yet another one of their wars.

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