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The U.S. Takes a War Footing Against Iran After Soleimani Strike - Do You Support the Strike?
by Axios
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  • Linda
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    Iran is a bad actor. Soleimani was responsible for many deaths. But provoking and instigating increased tensions in the Middle East is the action of a President who wants to change the conversation from his impeachment and corruption. Does he think that this has insulated him from removal and ensures victory in 2020? Probably, since he has no interest in the costs to anyone except himself. This may satisfy the Iran hawks and his supporters who think this shows strength when it actually shows a cowardly bully who is motivated by self promotion and headlines and doing something Obama didn’t do. There is likely to be no strategic planning to deal with the consequences of this strike. This makes all Americans less safe everywhere in the world including at home. It’s past time to remove Trump from office through impeachment or the 25th Amendment since he is obviously not fit to be Commander in Chief. It is another year before we can hope to install a new President by election. The country can not afford to allow this disregard for law and the separation of powers designated by the Constitution to continue. It is distressing to believe that Republicans will not defend the Constitution and the country from a rogue President. If a Democrat took this action the “Benghazi-like” inquiries would already be underway. War is not the answer. The answer was to stay in the JCPOA and work diplomatically on additional issues. Instead we have the specter of the continuing destruction of the tenuous balance that tries to avoid escalating conflicts. If Trump is removed you get President Pence, still a Republican but less likely to do irreparable harm as a lame duck. If Senators are unwilling to risk alienating Trump supporters, thereby hoping to preserve their seats or to avoid a mean tweet, they are not worthy of being in office.

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