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Should the Senate Call Mulvaney and Bolton to Testify in Trump’s Impeachment Trial?
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  • Bonnie
    Voted Yes

    It would not be a trial without testimony and record proof. And, in this case witnesses that are crucial to guilt OR NOT! What kind of a shame is McConnell running without these witnesses, records, and testimony. President Trump should be subpoenaed to testify as well in his defense. He can’t complain his is being shamed when he skirts every opportunity to show up and support himself. Subpoena him as well, subpoena all of them...the kids too! Should we think Don JR, Erik, Ivanka and Jarrod didn’t know what he planned...even after the fact??!! Even Melania knows something. If they are all advisors, they need to tell what they know about this man’s bribery scheme-THEY ARE ALL CULPABLE!

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