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The U.S. Takes a War Footing Against Iran After Soleimani Strike - Do You Support the Strike?
by Axios
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  • Tom
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    The United States military industrial complex Is it a radical rogue element designed to be able to subjugate all of the countries according to their will. The creation of this military industrial complex has allowed the global elitists to fund both sides of the war killing all of our men and women destroying our relationships with other countries and we should be ashamed of ourselves. All of you people that consider yourself American patriots should consider the abuses of such a travesty. The declaration of war nonexistent, The United States acting under a supra national governing entity, the United Nations, our military men and women that are being used as political pawns in a globalist shell game for world domination while dividing us at home And furthermore so all of your decision makers the prefer to ignore wise counsel shame on you! You can call me unpatriotic but if you do I would expect you to do it face-to-face because I’ve got a world of “whoop ass” to put right back in your face! You took an oath to United States Constitution Unless you are a lying fraud you better start adhering to it and if you took the oath without ever understanding then perhaps you better open it up and understand what the hell you support it because what you’re supporting now supports global Tyranny at the expense of American citizens and the taxpayers and I for one am pissed off as hell! If I wish i had the power and throw you all in jail just like you desire to do to us for attempting to hold you accountable. Seems to me that you believe the taxpayers of the true enemy and the taxpayers certainly have the right to view you that way so where are we now? She you call in the UN to subjugate the citizenry for that too? Seems to be that that’s already in the works! You bastards! hmmm... big surprise. America is going to hell But it seems to be the ignorant fools that live here would like to create their own hell here first before joining Biblical Hell, kind of ike the United States before joins a global government! Welcome to Hell people, 2020 will be a year like non other, I just hope you fools are ready for it. Damn you tor forcing me and my family to live in it! Damn you!

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