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The U.S. Takes a War Footing Against Iran After Soleimani Strike - Do You Support the Strike?
by Axios
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  • larubia
    Voted Oppose

    Why is our president hell bent on stirring shit with Iran? He deserves the Wooden Spoon Award for the grandest shit stirrer of them all! He loves to create chaos, then he stands back and watches, commenting on Twitter about the horrible situation (insert one of his shit stirring moments). Then, he pivots & claims that he alone is the problem solver...when it was his problem in the first place! This time, he was golfing at his resort (again) he authorized the strike that killed , Soleimani a dangerous Shiite commander. Why now? And, why not have protection at our various embassies in the area? Why not with Congressional approval? Why not consult with our allies (Britain is against this strike.) I have family, serving our country, in the region. I’m terrified at the moment. Iran will retaliate. The only questions are how, where & when. Some of the same questions I have for our inept Senate. How & when are you going to have the impeachment trial? This megalomaniac needs to be removed! Senate this strike is on you!!!

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