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Should the Senate Call Mulvaney and Bolton to Testify in Trump’s Impeachment Trial?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Eric
    Voted Yes

    For my representatives, as a constituent and someone that is supposed to be getting represented, I feel it is important to get to the facts and the truth as it relates to the impeachment trial. For those complaining about no direct witnesses (of which there were) being called previously here is the opportunity to do so. For those suggesting calling the Bidens, I will give the same argument used above as they are not direct parties nor was any of there activities relevant to the case at hand. Those senators that are part of the trial are sworn to be impartial jurors. Keep that in mind. In a normal trial if members of the jury said up front they would find someone guilty or not guilty before the trial or that they worked with either of those involved in the trial, they would not be allowed to be a juror. Don’t make the Senate corrupt to these types of trial norms. I know by its nature impeachment is a political beast but at least in the past both sides have worked to find the truth in some way. Congress was to be a check on the Executive branch...don’t let it be complicit or an enabler of continuous wrongs.


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