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Should the Senate Call Mulvaney and Bolton to Testify in Trump’s Impeachment Trial?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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    Glowurm: I also feel kind of a ‘relation’ with many of the people on this site even though I don’t know who they are or in a few cases, even their gender. Most of these ‘relations’ are quite positive and a few quite negative. I enjoy your comments a lot because they are honest and come straight from your heart. Thanks for laughing with me- I get a little concerned because at times something that I think is really humorous either gets taken literally or a poor choice of words changes the as-read meaning into something I did not intend. As a young engineer in a research facility, I got promoted into a management position with my own office and an assigned secretary. Whoopee! The very talented young lady assigned to me was helping me awkwardly step into my new duties and I broke the ice with an absolutely hilarious comment which, through a poor choice of words came out quite wrong and very inappropriate. I immediately explained what I intended to say and apologized stating that she must think I am some kind of old letch. She very calmly looked me in the eyes and slowly stated: “Oh, I don’t think you are THAT old”. We both started laughing and became good friends as well as working colleagues. But, I cannot forget how embarrassed I was by this. So, thanks for laughing with me- we have to occasionally or else just go nuts. Thanks, Pal.

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