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Should You Be Allowed to Opt Out of Businesses Selling Your Personal Info?
by Causes
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  • jimK
    Voted Yes

    Yup! If someone wants to buy my info, I will negotiate! … … Local governments, ISP’s, on line services, retail stores and I am sure a lot more sell this info to big data operations which now know more about each and everyone of us then we know about ourselves. I have intentionally misspelled my last name on a few occasions and was amazed at all the mailings and even phone contacts that used those misspellings/mispronouncements from people unaffiliated with the organization to which I misspelled my name. Big data operators buy, collect, digest and sell info on you to others willing to pay for it with little to no restrictions on who they can sell it to nor how the buyer might use it. Apparently there are a lot of organizations willing to pay for your info. It is a billion dollar industry that few people even realize exists; which, I believe, now exceeds 3PL’s (as another largely unknown billion dollar industry) in revenues. I am glad to see some actions taken to stop this electronic invasion of our privacies.

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