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Trump to Ban All E-Cigarette Flavors Except Tobacco and Menthol - Do You Support the Ban?
by Axios
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  • jimK
    Voted Maybe

    OK, but there are a lot more issues that deserve focus. For example, I have heard from many experts, experts that are the very best actually, and most acclaimed experts in in the world - that orange face paint contains pigments that can seep into the brain of face-paint users. I have been told that very serious long term post-clinical studies have proven that overuse of orange face paint results in delusions of grandeur and a great loss of empathy, ethics, honesty and honor. I am not necessarily in favor of banning orange face paint from all people in the public eye but given these extensive studies and expert commentary which they say exists, I am afraid that I must condone a complete ban of this mind altering facial drug epidemic- We must protect our youth from the ravages of orange face painted drug infested public representatives. Save our children! Stop the horror! Just stop!

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