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Should the Senate Call Mulvaney and Bolton to Testify in Trump’s Impeachment Trial?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Paul
    Voted Maybe

    Call whom ever you want. It wont matter. Anyone who believes that we do not use the basic concept of quid-pro-quo in exchange for military aid has had their head in the sand to long. People we don’t just give money like this away to countries. There is ALWAYS some we get in return whether its land access for our military bases or information or favoritism to US contractors, its all part of the “deal”. Get a grip people and get in line. American voted, Dems lost. You have another shot next year. Work the problem, and stop whining about it.. people tell me trump is an asshole. Ok. Perhaps and yes i voted for him, but he’s not a politician and thats why i chose him! Im so sick and tired of all these looser politicians on both sides of the fence. We need term limits! “Serving” as a senator or congressperson is ment to be a public service and TEMPORARY!! Unclog this productivity pipe and flush that crap away. Oh and anyone who thinks people don’t profit from being a public official are blind idiots... open your eyes people... !!!


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