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4 Things to Watch in Congress in 2020
by Causes
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  • Christopher

    The demonicratic 'House of Corruption' (including 'in their pocket' Rinos) is where you go if you need and want to get away with the highest crimes and misdemeanors; that's Treason in a nutshell; and for some bizarre reason once you get into 'The House' you can get away with anything - overtly and covertly - with 'Congressional Immunity' and you can line your pockets with unlimited billions of taxpayer dollars - it's a place to get rich (especially with bogus storyline book deals). What we have is this 'Syndicated Den of Thieves'; the original (civil war) gang of [DS] carpetbaggers! That's what is currently referred to as the [DS] 'The Swamp' along with it's complicit CNN MSM Fake News etc. and Public Disinformation with its orchestrated Brainwashing Social Multimedia (i.e.: 'Late Night Show' styled) Complex of mind controlling comedians aka CLOWNS. Time for 'The People' to awaken to this reality!


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