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Looking Back at 2019 in Congress
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  • Catherine
    Voted Sad

    I have very mixed feelings about Congress. It has become so divided over party lines, most members of Congress seem to have no concept about what it is to be a public servant (not servants of a party) and that listening to and comprising with each other for the benefit of the country is not even a thought in their heads. I applaud the House Democrats for the investigation and impeachment of the current WH occupant as it is a moral and ethical obligation to find the truth of what happened in the summer of 2019 with Ukraine. We also need to find the truth of what has been and continues to happen behind closed doors in the current administration. Aside from that - too many laws and regulations that had moved us forward towards a better and healthier nation, environment and world in the past are being overturned and removed. I am disappointed when particular Senators say they want what is best for the country and the vote the opposite. We are moving away from our separation of powers - executive, judicial, legislative - towards an oligarchy. I am hopeful that Congress will right itself but it will not until our country decides that our "public servants" must and will be held accountable for their words and actions. As citizens we must advocate for our country and not for a political party.


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