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North Korea and Iran emerge as Trump's twin war threats
by Axios
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  • justiceforamerica

    N. Korea will either wise up or not. I am pretty sure S. Korea & Japan will have something to say about it as well. China is the concern but Dems never saw that coming and current Quid Pro Joe and all other Presidents never dealt with them. China will "forever" be a threat which is all the reason to have an upper hand in dealing with them eh! Russia's carrier caught fire all on its own. Since Germany is kissing up to them I would be concerned about Germany. Let's see if Europe wakes up. Bad actors - appeasement under Obama did not work and only Trumps actions put the US on solid ground. Go ahead Democrats - criticize; you are part of the problem as well. This planet will "never" play well together and this is the cost of freedom - Dems just don't get it. Other war hawks - Republicans and Democrats would have had us in war without a prepared military. Let's see how this plays out. All Dems who support communism - try crossing China's or Russia's border eh! Have you considered bad actors are pouring over the border - what, No! Your idiots..


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