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4 Things to Watch in Congress in 2020
by Causes
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  • Francisco
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    Congress will pass USMCA, the short term budget, and The Senate may buckle under the wait of polls that challenge Republican incumbents! China bashing will continue and we will cause more instability in The Middle East and Latin America under the guise of protecting American interests abroad!! Guatemala will buckle under the weight of failed refugee incursion to The Belly of The Beast!! This year we will understand why Latinos think that we have two policies when it comes to them inside as opposed to Latinos in Latin America !! In some countries we are murderers by US sponsored terrorism. We have made Central America so unstable that they no longer have any semblance of rule of law!!U S Agro businesses thrive on the backs of peasant farmers, who lose their lands to our greed!! The Ugly American is alive and well in Bolivia, and Venezuela!! Our sanctions are causing millions to flee to “the underbelly of the Beast” from Latin America to the US because under Trump no country is safe from US state sponsored terrorism ! From The Middle East and Africa , the countries destroyed by the West, will run to a Europe that already knows that Their destruction of The Middle East and Africa creates vengeful quid pro quo’s within the People who blame America and The West for their misfortune!! But there is also a growing conscience in the world! Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old from Scandinavia has decided to cry out in the desert , to all that would hear, that we are destroying our planet! She is telling us that any and all of us must become part of the solution!! The degradation of the planet, is good business for billionaires and the same can be said of of the looming recession being caused by Trump through higher prices , greater subsidies to farmers, and billionaires as well as artificially maintaining interests at almost 0!! Billionaires in a recession just have cheaper land and products!! The losers are the middle Class who lose their homes, their jobs and their hope!!Do not expect billionaires to release the choke hold they have on the world!! If we want a better life, we must understand that we are the sovereigns of our nation!! As active sovereigns we can force our government to represent our interest instead of the interest of billionaires!! But we must have faith in each other and be willing to fight like hell for a democracy!! Lincoln did not invent the idea behind “a government of, by and for the people”. That phrase defines democracy! But it takes all of us to create it in law and process that codifies for all time that education and vocational training, healthcare, and basic safety nets to cover us when we are retired or when we are sick or when we are between jobs are rights of each and everyone of us!! Here Latinos feel safer from us , as we are a nation where human rights are no longer segregated by race within our borders!!

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