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What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions for Politicians?
by Causes
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    I’d like our reps to work on libel/slander laws, stopping the vile and vicious name calling and innuendo we see on tv and Twitter. We need to pass regulations requiring the separation of news from entertainment. No more of the combined news and entertainment channels that intentionally mislead and lie to rile up their viewers and cause them to constantly be fearful and need their fix from their channel. This should extend to all forms of media. There should be a clear separation of fact from fiction. Investigations must show a clear trail. No innuendo or broad hints of what’s to come. Advertising needs a “truth in advertising” framework. Laws, and punishments for breaking those laws, need to be defined and carried out. There should be some strict laws regarding the telling of lies by our political leaders/anyone in a position of power. There should be recourse for those who have been lied to intentionally. Certain people may no longer love the “uneducated” when the uneducated have the means to make a difference in the lives of those they trusted to represent them, who duped them for personal profit and power instead. The uneducated may be much more motivated to do the research to vet what they are told. Clearly we need stronger vetting of whom we allow to lead our country. The security clearance should be done on potential candidates, long before they reach the ballot box. Taxes should be required of all candidates for any position of trust. The FEC needs power to bring investigations/charges. Clearly we need some more safeguards to strengthen separation of powers. Having an Attorney General refuse to do his job is obviously not good for the Country. Our reporters need decent institutions to keep them employed. For profit news agencies can’t survive the economic model we have today. Instead of losing the free press, a way to fund them must be developed. This should also include new entrepreneurs taking advantage of all the many communication standards now available. We need laws to require honesty on social media. There will always be conspiracy theorists to keep us on our toes. But the laws must require, and be enforceable, that an ad can not blatantly lie (ie, the Facebook presidential ads by the current and his PACS.). The other media platforms need to stop the vicious attacks on individuals, scapegoating of the usual classes of “other”, and confine themselves to entertainment or news. With receipts from accepted, defined, enforceable standards of truth, knowledge and integrity. That’s just a few of the things I expect. Can’t wait to see what else I’ve forgotten.

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