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Should McConnell Recuse Himself from the Senate Impeachment Trial?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Tom
    Voted No

    CIRCUS!!! “Impartial?” Really? In this absolute war against our constitution and freedom, somehow they are still acting like adherence to anything is what they desire? THEY WANT CHAOS AND TO KILL AMERICA! Is it not lawful at any time to kill or be killed? We allow these bastards to kill America but if we desire to protect this country we are terrorists? For those of my law makers that still prefer to “play the game” remember once they have come for us, they will come for you no matter how “moderate” you think is safe to protect yourself! THEY WANT TO KILL EACH ONE OF US, THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY AND OUR HISTORY AND OUR FREEDOM! How long will you sit and play the game before you GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO SOMETHING?!

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