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Should McConnell Recuse Himself from the Senate Impeachment Trial?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Joellen
    Voted Yes

    McConnell & a few other Senators need to be impeached if they do not recuse themselves. What good is having a judge at the impeachment if he has no power to make sure this is a fair & impartial trial? What’s wrong with the Republican Party that they are unable to stand up & do what’s right? I would not want a job where I felt I had to support what’s wrong. No job is worth destroying my personal integrity. Republican Senators need to stand up & protect our democracy. If they do not we will never gain respect & trust from foreign leaders. Also if they don’t stand up & protect all that we in the USA stand for they will leave a dictator in the White House. Democracy will be destroyed forever. I need to believe that no one is above the law & that our democracy is worth fighting for & that it works. We use to be a country that everyone looked up to do please don’t let Trump & his republican senators that follow him destroy what so many have fought to protect. We voted you senators into the senate to protect our democracy not to destroy it. Do what you were elected to do?

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