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Joe Biden Says He Won’t Testify in Trump Impeachment Trial - Do You Want to Hear From Him?
by Axios
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  • Dave
    Voted No

    This is nothing but a distraction by Trump and the Republican Party. What Biden family may or may not done is over 4 years ago, we are talking about the present administration! If there was anything, the Republican controlled house and the Republican controlled senate would love to make Obama a one term or impeach him. There is no there, there. The Republican love bring people in for distraction, changing the subject to cover their coverup, corruption, kick back, cut backs on social programs like healthcare, SNAP, Government programs that help the American people and the do nothing Republican senate that are sitting on 300+ bills on Mitch McConnell desk. Nothing more than the usual smoke and mirrors and distraction by the Republican Party trying to blame everything on democratic or someone else, which is normal, never taking responsibility for the problems what they have created. Trump’s administrations not showing up or providing documentation and these are all legitimate subpoenas in a real investigation, but no time to drag them though the court system. There is more to investigate in Trump and Trumps family about foreign interest and influence in Russia, China, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and others !!!!!!!!!!!! Also we don’t talk about the record store closing and bankruptcy in 2019 over 9,300, how many people lost their jobs, not talking about farmers loose their farmer or the only thing you can get is low paying jobs and need to work three jobs, just smoke! Plus all the immigrants lock up costing the Americans people millions or the stealing of land on the border for a dumb wall and giving the land to the cartel and Mexico along the river’s! Plus the record deficit!

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