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Russia’s New Hypersonic Weapon Becomes Operational - Are You Concerned?
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  • Tom
    Voted No

    No. Our founding fathers said that this country would find its demise internally not from a external sources. That being said I’m far more fearful of my government than I am any foreign government. I am also far more fearful of the US government than I am any local intruder. Benjamin Franklin said that those that are willing to give up a little bit of freedom for security deserve neither and both will be destroyed. I believe that our government is intentionally destroying this country from within. It certainly is destroying individual liberty, that’s for sure. For all of you people that are so fearful of all of the things that the government is telling you to be fearful for, I would encourage you to understand and to obtaining of wisdom to understand that all totalitarian governments Thrive on the subjugation of their citizens through fear tactics. To me it’s quite simple you deserve to be free or you deserve to be a slave of your government. We’re also not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic and the reason why your government says the word democracy is because it wants you to believe that we’re democracy so that it can become the majority and you become the minority and they end up being the masters and you end up being a slave. This is not a republican/Democrat issue this is an American issue and the sooner people find out that this is true the better.


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