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Ukraine Aid Freeze Ordered 91 Minutes After Trump’s Call With Zelensky
by Axios
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  • J.Maurice
    Voted Yes

    Because majority Republican McConnell he’s too close to The President so that would be an strong No ?? Dorse anyone believes the nation would really be harmed as well Republic being truly undermined at all levels ??? Please, all citizens take an hard look as well fact check an what you were taught in grade school all the way up what constitutional laws are as well why we if going for office as high as the highest in the land that he or she is to be for country first of the people and by the people, because you’re are servant an doing the will of these United States as one nation, not an divided or for an billionaires nations it’s for a vary United States One Nation for all her people and may the true God of the Universe truly bless our nation as well all nations to be of peace as we go forth to impeachment of President Trump whom done the obstruction a more !!! Think about the future we need unity over divide a what's happening here in the U.S


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