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Trump Impeached - Here's What's Next
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  • Kristy
    Voted Oppose

    I’ve been seeing a few good arguments from the support but, here’s the thing. Yes, “We all need to go back and read the Constitution. Country before Party. No one is above the law.” Not Trump, not Biden, not O’Bama, not Clinton, not anyone in the house or senate, NO ONE. I don’t support either party, but why is it a bad thing to have the president ask for an investigation into wrongdoing? Biden admitted, no bragged, on camera, for everyone to see, that he withheld funding to a country until a prosecutor was fired. The prosecutor, in question, was leading a corruption investigation into a company that employed Biden's son, Hunter. How is THAT ethical, or even legal? No one is above the law. NO ONE. “Hopefully, the Chief Justice has enough clout to ensure ‘justice’ in the Senate trial, that gets the documents which have been held back and the first person testimony which could prove or disprove the impeachment allegations; To categorically prove or disprove alleged wrong doing.” And when it’s disproven Dems will make up more BS to try him on. IF it’s proven then so be it. “Now a fair trial with all the people that can be called as witnesses. All the facts, truth, transparency.” Will do no good if we don’t open our eyes and accept the truth, even if it means there is nothing to convict on. If there is, let it come out for all to see. I’m very skeptical though. “Evidence produced in the Mueller investigation and the House impeachment inquiry is clear and convincing.” Yes, there is nothing to impeach on, yet the House Dems proceeded anyway. “If they have evidence to refute that which has been produced,“ which is nothing, “they have an opportunity to produce it.” Absolutely, the Dems still have, yet, to produce any solid evidence that Trump did anything worth impeaching him on. “…the country does not revolve what is best for you, or best for me; it revolves around what is best for all of our country comprised of all of us. I like the fact that my 401K has increased in value…” I also like the fact that I have a job and lots of my friends do too, now. Let’s not forget the tax cut that puts more money in our pocket every pay period. I’m in the lower middle class, and every penny helps. What’s best for our country is capitalism, not communism. What ever happened to the golden rule? No one seems to want to look out for their neighbor, they expect the government to do it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times people come together and be kind to each other… I say, why wait till those certain times of year. I don’t consider myself one of the haves, but I’m not in the have not category either. I try to help the less fortunate when I can. If we all did this, year round, the world would be a better place. Don’t expect the government to do this for you, it will only make the government bigger, and our voices smaller. The sooner we get away from the “Orange Man Bad” mentality, the sooner we can get back to making this country great, by working together not tearing each other apart, over what you think the president’s intentions were. Like the man or don’t, but there had better be solid evidence to convict him of wrongdoing. So far, that just hasn’t been the case, so let’s just move on.


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