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Should Pelosi Withhold Impeachment Articles From the Senate Until Democrats Are Guaranteed a ‘Fair’ Trial?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Ralph
    Voted Yes

    Can the NC Senators please raise their voices to stop the Republican Party from destroying their own credibility and following Donald Trump all the way down???? Please Speak UP !!! Misguided Mitch McConnell is not serving the country or the party when he blindly insists on a quickie sham trial. Work with your fellow Americans and set up a proper trial. To quote a Canadian watching this, “The world knows who Donald Trump is. But the world is now learning who the Republicans really are, and that is truly the sad part of this whole process.” If you do not speak up and demand a proper trial in the Senate - with witnesses and bipartisan arrangements as done in the Clinton impeachment - then I cannot imagine how you will ever look back on these days and feel like you did the right thing. Please!

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