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Trump Impeached - Here's What's Next
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Debbie
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    I think that those who will not look at the evidence set forth should also be impeached! The republicans have already said that he won’t be removed from office, regardless of the overwhelming evidence proving his guilt, and Lindsey Graham has already said that he will not be an impartial jurer and Mitch McConnell is working with the White House attorneys, which he shouldn’t be doing, and they seem to speak for all Republicans. this means they aren’t doing their job, the job that they will be taking an oath to do, The job that the American people elected them to do, and are paying for them to do. I think that putting impeachment on the table for them Would likely turn them around, considering they’re very self-serving, and would abandon Trump if they could see something in it for them. The threat of losing the pay that they shouldn’t be getting for the rest of their lives, their retirement fund that should be dumped into social security, and the medical that we will be paying for for the rest of their lives should do it.


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