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Trump Impeached - Here's What's Next
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Patricia
    Voted Oppose

    There is absolutely no direct evidence that our Great President Donald J. Trump did anything wrong! He was in his right to ask for Hunter Biden’s connection to Berisma and his Father was caught on an open mike drawing the connection to the Ukraine! No one had direct evidence against our President, the evidence was all speculation and hearsay! This was truly a vendetta against a duly elected President. For four years this Congress has made it their project to Impeach our President, spent Millions, if not billions of dollars of Taxpayers money to impeach a president on false accusations. Hillary Clinton made up that false dossier of President Trumps interference in the Russian! BTW: How does she get away with destroying 33,000 emails and how about those emails belong to us! How about Benghazi??? She was working for us at the time!!! Congress is filled with a lot if Liars and cheaters they are despicable and shouldn’t be trusted! They are very evil!

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