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House Democrat Plans to Switch to Republican Party – Should Party Hopping Be Allowed?
by Causes
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  • Kristy
    Voted Yes

    Yes, What does it matter what party he/she belongs to? If they are doing right by the people who voted for them, who cares? There are left leaning Republicans, there are some centrist Democrats. There may even be a few right leaning Democrats, I haven't seen them, but they could exist. The fact of the matter is, the Democrat party has become the communist party. I'd jump ship too if any party I was affiliated with became communist. Thank God I'm independent. Just because he changed parties doesn't mean he supports the Republican president, it just means the Democrat party has gone too far left for him, and morally, he can't identify with them anymore. And, unfortunately, politician without a party doesn't usually get votes, so he had to pick a party, and Republican was the only other option.


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