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Trump Poised to Become Third U.S. President Impeached – Be a Part of History & Tell Your Reps How to Vote Now
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • jimK

    My all Republican representatives: if you have read even a couple of the comments which I have forwarded you, you know full well that I am not supportive of Republican leadership, the RNC nor trump. From your campaigns, you seemed to be honorable and rational people with many positions which I do not agree with. However, the future of our Republic is at stake and has been ever since the Republican Party adapted the unified, regimentation of our legislators. The Democratic Party has followed suit and this is the key reason that compromise is so hard to come by, since your constituent’s interests are submerged by party interests and the big money interests that have corrupted our political processes. I never had a chance to vote for Karl Rove nor the NRA, and I resent that they have so much influence. Now, we are at a time when presidential abuses have exceeded anything that I believed could ever even be possible- at all levels high and low. This cannot be endorsed now nor ever permitted by any future president. The consequences of drifting toward an increasingly authoritarian governance, of sacrificing our allies and trading partners on the whims of any out of control despot, of increasing the wealth gap between the wealthy elite and the rest of us, of risking our children’s and grandchildren’s future to a single authority that takes world-shattering actions with a ‘shoot, rationalize, campaign’ approach that’s much worse than even the inept ‘shoot, ready, aim’ approach, that at so many levels works for their own personal benefit rather than the country’s, and all of the rest- puts our country’s future at grievous risk. This can never be allowed again, this cannot be permitted to be the new normal- our country cannot survive if this behavior is not held in check, now. I call on all of you to do what is ‘right’ and to avoid doing what is just most expedient. It is harder to be righteous than it is to follow the pack and there are risks in taking an honorable stance against wrong doing. But the greater risks are to our grandchildren’s future, if you do not. Please do your duty, impeach and remove.

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