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Lindsey Graham Says He’s Not Trying to Be a 'Fair Juror' in Impeachment Trial
by Axios
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  • jimK
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    When any Congressperson is permitted to say NO to a Constitutional mandate and openly say NO to their Constitutional obligation, when any Branch of our government can say NO to their Constitutional duties - why, pray tell, do we even have a Constitution in the first place? … … … The House did their Constitutional duty. You may choose to believe deep state conspiracy theories and partisanship in the House’s findings- but they did follow the Constitution in their duties and exactly followed the process that the Republican’s had drafted after the Clinton impeachment (to prevent those Republican abuses from being used against them in the future). Whether you agree or disagree with their findings or the ‘fairness’ of their process is absolutely and totally irrelevant with regard to the Senate’s obligation to conduct a fair trial. The House acts as the court that returns an indictment which says there is sufficient evidence of presidential wrongdoing to warrant a trial. Note, they have no authority to investigate Biden nor anybody else that is not directly involved with trump’s actions. Republican’s know that, but claimed it unfair that they were not permitted to call these other irrelevant witnesses- and the cult is here repeating this nonsense. The House, by law, is obligated to protect the whistleblower and cannot call him/her as a witness since the whistleblower made no allegations, only observations that indicated concerns expressed by others. Republican’s knew this as well- yet, cultists keep calling it out and repeating this nonsense as well. The House indicts, the Senate holds a fair trial to determine guilt or innocence. It is the Constitution, It’s the law, it is what America stands for. It is what Lt. Colonel Vindman felt when he stated: “because in America, ‘Right’ matters”. … … … Senate leadership’s cavalier attitude to disregard their duties is simply and gravely anti-American. Somewhere, somehow ‘right’ does matter and a trial to find the truth does matter. Anything else is a gross violation of their Oath’s of Office. The blatant and willful disregard of these obligations to our Constitution by Graham and McConnell should be grounds for their impeachment and removal.

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