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Judiciary Committee Sends Trump Impeachment Articles to the House Floor - Your Reps Need to Hear From You
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Matthew

    I say INPEACH AND REMOVE FROM OFFICE THE RACIST IN CHIEF. But my nazi “reps”: Simpson, Risch, & CRAPo are all reich and file Nazi’s. They will be good reich members and vote as Moscow Mitch and their Hitler tell them to. The three of them have no spine or backbone; they lack the necessary brain power to think of the wrong they are doing to our country. The three of them are on a highway to Hell and along with their American nazi party are trying to drag our country with them. These three knuckleheads don’t realize their doing Putin’s bidding. They will not listen to their constituents that are woke. They prefer to keep their heads shoved up the Racist in Chief ass, while the Racist bullies teenagers.

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