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Are You Concerned About Food Waste in America?
by Causes
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  • Jt
    Voted Yes

    Our system of profit is killing the planet & any possibility of harmony amongst humanity. Fair trade is an equal exchange. Profit is a scam we all bought into. No one needs more then any other. Needing more is a mental disfunction, just as much as denying oneself a healthy life because of feeling unworthy. Our idea of economics as a country/humanity is formulated by a human addiction called, “greed”. Until we recognize, admit & declare ourselves guilty & unwilling to accept our current sense of value, Crocker bartering & business practices & actually support each other in recovering from our addictions & mistakes (without business funding our continued addictions & dis-eases), we will not alter a thing - humanity will ultimately fail competing against each other & not for a common goal playing to win together.


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