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Judiciary Committee Sends Trump Impeachment Articles to the House Floor - Your Reps Need to Hear From You
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Myra

    Nooooooooo Indeed!!! President Trump is attempting to clean out the corruption and the Democrats are unhappy!!!!! Big Deal!!! The American tax-payer is Sick of this abuse!!!!! The unlimited open purse strings need to be CLOSED!!!! Ninety percent of Americans don’t care about Ukraine and all their Corrupt Government!! We want our American Military, American Children, American Drug Problem, Illegal Aliens and thousands of other problems in America solved instead of millions of American tax-payer money sent Overseas!!! America is tired of War, after War!!!! President Trump can not be bought and that is the kind of President we need!!! Hillary, Obama and George Soros need to Gooooo to Hell!!!!!!

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