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Watch & Comment Live: Should the House Approve Articles of Impeachment?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Wendy
    Voted Yes

    The evidence is clear that The President used his power to ask for an investigation of a political rival to affect the 2020 election. Given that Biden’s son was known to work at Bursima when the president took office, it would seem concerns about corruption would be brought up during that time and not after Biden enters as a legitimate and Leading 2020 political opponent. In addition, Withholding aid that was only released after congressional whispers of a whistleblower report and the fact that money would be unavailable to Ukraine if not issued by Sept 30 puts the pressure squarely on Ukraine. All our government reps knew that money was conditional on the FY ending in September, making the threat more blatant and possibly more dangerous by withholding so close to a deadline that would be irreversible, in a timely fashion, if missed. The president has said he will continue by asking for additional investigations on live TV. The only reason to abdicate your oath of office and vote against impeachment is to fulfill your self aggrandizing power grab.

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