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Republicans Introduce Possible Obamacare Replacements
by Causes
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  • Susan

    Unfortunately, both Susan Collins plan and Rand Paul's plan are grounded in fantasy. Fiscally, it is not possible to eliminate the mandate and still provide pricey, popular parts of the current law such as insurance for kids up to 26 years old and the very popular elimination of pre-existing conditions. Additionally providing tax credits for healthcare and savings accounts for healthcare are really only workable options for people who make pretty good money. The assumption that people have enough expendable income to pay for healthcare when they are facing something more serious than the flu or a small injury is just not realistic. Healthcare is outrageously expensive. That has to be examined. Insurance is outrageously expensive and that has to be examined. Prescription drugs are outrageously expensive and that has to be examined. I have a mixed opinion of the ACA. I think it offered some improvements but it offered other challenges. I am not opposed , as a Democrat, to supporting a Republican revision which might address some of the challenges. But I am opposed to tearing apart the ACA and offering a substitute plan that is no better just so you guys can say you abolished Obamacare. Let's see some plans that makes some sense and recognize that the solution will be in the middle - meaning Republicans will not get everything they want and neither will Democrats.

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