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Democrats Announce Two Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Mary bell
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    If these are not sufficient grounds to remove a President, nothing would be. Think about that for a moment. In addition to his lies too numerous to count, this man extorted the leader of a foreign government holding back congressionally approved funds and official government action for his own personal benefit. He attempted to coerce that leader into announcing investigations into the election of 2016 and his likely opponent in the election of 2020. Then he refused to supply Congress with records and testimony from his staff regarding this action to allow Congress to properly exercise its constitutional duty of oversight (this is evidence that he knew he was guilty and covering it up). NO PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE NATION HAS DONE WHAT THIS MAN HAS DONE! And we'd best be hoping that none does it in the future. Yet my Representative and two Senators, all Republicans, are setting aside their oaths of office, the truth and the welfare of our nation to serve this would-be dictator.


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