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Democrats Announce Two Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Stan
    Voted Oppose

    Hopefully, the GOP will take its time in conducting the senate trial once the house passes their bogus Articles of Impeachment. I would like to see the start of the trial delayed until February and then prolonged through the end of March before dismissing the charges. There should be no rush on the part of the GOP as the democrats have used the entire first three (3) years of the Trump administration to try to get him removed from office. If the senate takes three (3) or four (4) MONTHS to acquit Trump that would be great for the presidential campaign. Former V.P. Biden and Hunter Biden need to called to testify about their profiteering in Ukraine at the expense of the US Taxpayers' foreign aid, and for V.P. Biden's video taped confession of bribery during the Obama administration. The senate should take this opportunity to teach the democrats a valuable lesson in good governance. To the Honorable Senators Graham and Scott, please take your time with this trial. Future Americans will need to see this issue for what it really was - a full-blown partisan attack on a duly elected POTUS of the opposition party that they tried to overturn via political fiat.


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