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Democrats Announce Two Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Bernadette
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    Trump should be impeached. However, it is disgraceful that the Democrats only filed 2 articles of impeachment. My God, there are SO MANY violations of the law and the Constitution by Trump. Why are the Democrats so weak, gutless, and without courage??? Why has there been NO investigation by Congress in the violations of the emoluments clause? Why wasn’t bribery an article of impeachment? Why wasn’t obstruction of justice? Instead of being so fearful of offending moderates, why don’t the Democrats stand firm and forcefully defend the Constitution and our democracy NO MATTER THE COST? Instead, we got 2 measly articles of impeachment making us look tentative and insecure. Democrats are wonderful at snatching defeat at the hands of victory!

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