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Key Moments From the House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Impeachment Evidence
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Carol

    My ancestors back to the Revolutionary War fought for our Democracy and I come from a gold star family. Our dictator loving President is already laying the ground work to take our freedoms away. He has taken away the visitor sign in sheets to White house, has closed door meeting with dictators, taken away daily press briefings, his comment "The Administration will no longer be able to get the Washington Post or New York Times. I will save the taxpayers thousands of dollars." He has his own propaganda channel, he has cheated on the voting process with Russia and is trying it again while the republicans are cutting voting stations in heavily blue communities to prevent people from being able to get to a voting station. He wants you to only read his tweets, listen to his comments to the press, and his propaganda channel. He has cut taxes for companies and the rich, deports illegal immigrants and never fines the companies that hire them. He has cut Medicaid, Social Security, funding for our National Parks, Education, Environment, while allowing for off shoring drilling and mining that will destroy the boundary water area. He says he has built the military but he has taken enough money from their budget to build his wall while irritating all of our allies and foe's which leaves us unprotected if some type of war breaks out. People forget this brilliant businessman has filed bankruptcy 4 - 6 times and cannot get a loan in the US. He settled his lawsuit for his University for $25 million. His foundation was closed. It will take years to fix what he has destroyed in 3. If he is voted in again, we will lose our independence while Dictator Trump will rule for years and those who are not loyal to him will be destroyed one way or another. To all of the administration that participated in the delaying of funds to Ukraine - thousands of people died while waiting for the aide and their deaths should be laid at your door. Impeach him now and remove him from office before he can do any more damage.


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